Turf Grasses

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  • Cavalier Zoysia was developed by Texas A&M and has become a mainstay for many sports fields and golf courses. This hearty grass has proven to be quite tolerant to salts and requires less water and fertilizer than other varieties. It is high traffic resistant, fairly shade tolerant, and can withstand some colder winters.
    Cavalier Zoysia
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  • Celebration Bermuda is a great multi-purpose grass. It can handle high-traffic areas and repairs quickly. It is best of Bermuda species for being shade tolerant and is a good option for drought resistance. Celebration has thin fine leaf blades and is usually dark blueish green in color.
    Celebration Bermuda
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  • Palisades Zoysia was developed by Texas A&M and has gained real popularity among homeowners and golf courses for being extremely drought tolerant. It requires only several deep waterings per month during drought conditions. This medium texture leaf bladed grass works well on commercial and residential applications.
    Palisades Zoysia
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  • Palmetto St. Augustine is the most shade tolerant of the group. It can handle cold temperatures extremely well because of the massive root system is establishes, also contributing to drought tolerance. Palmetto is a great choice for a shaded backyard or areas where there is a large number of canopy trees.
    Palmetto St. Augustine
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  • Raleigh is one of the most popular commercial and residential varieties and a more budget-friendly option. It handles moderate traffic and is fairly shade tolerant. Raleigh St. Augustine is an aggressive species of grass and will spread quickly to establish other areas with the runners called stolons.
    Raleigh St. Augustine
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  • TifTuf was developed by the University of Georgia and has fastly become one of the superior selections for a turf grass in all categories. TifTuf is extremely tolerant to drought, cold, traffic, and shade. This grass also proved to use around 38% less water than TifWay.
    TifTuf Bermuda
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  • Tifway 419 Bermuda is probably the most commonly used Bermuda in Texas and is the selection for many sports fields. This fine leaf bladed grass needs good sunlight and works well in high traffic areas.
    Tifway 419 Bermuda
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  • Zeon Zoysia is one of the best selling zoysia varieties in the U.S. It can withstand high traffic, recover quickly, is shade tolerant, and can be mowed extremely short, to as low as 3/8" like many golf course fairways do, or can be mowed up to 1.5" like a homeowner would want to have that soft bare-foot grass in their yard.
    Zeon Zoysia
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