Custom-Cut Stone

Stone Post Capping

Stone Post Cap
A&A Stone can offer a variety of finishes, thicknesses, and types of stone caps custom cut to your needs. These stone post caps can be finished with several edges from chiseled to bull nose. Contact us today and start the conversation with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

Stone Sils

Stone Sils
Most Stone Sils for capping come in 3", 4", 5", 6", and 8", but custom cutting can easlily be done to match your exact needs for the project. Most standard sils are 2" thick and can be cut from most all of your building stones to match or compliment your projects needs. Please contact us today and start the conversation with one of our experienced stone experts.

Stone Wall Caps

Stone Wall Cap
Natural Stone Wall Caps are a natural and elegant way to finish off any masonry walls. These natural stone caps will outlast most other building materials and will leave behind a timeless architecture. The normal 2" thick slabs that a mason can cut on the job site are always in stock, but if your building project requires a more specific shape, size, or particular type of stone then contact us for your custom cutting needs to finsh off your project.

Hearths and Mantels

Stone hearth
A custom cut stone hearth and mantel can be the elegance needed to finish off any fireplace inside or out. These hearths and mantels can be cut to length and width requirements for your particular fireplace and finished in the many options available. The most common finishes are natural, bush hammered, flamed, chiseled, split, cut, honed, or polished.

Address Blocks and Entry Signs

Stone hearth
Custom stone address blocks and entry signs can be the perfect finish to your new home or neighborhood entry. These custom signs can be made using a variety of different stone types to match the color hue and look you trying to achieve. Contact us today to explore the options available for your design.

Keystones and Window Trim

Stone hearth
These finishing touches can take a masonry job from ordinary to extroidinary. Keystones and Window Trims are small specifically cut pieces that can accent any window or focal point on your project. These customized design features can be cut from most all stone types and finished in most all of the common finishes like, bush hammered, honed, chiseled, flamed, but most common is to leave them natural. Let us know what your design inspiration is and we might be able to reccomend a great color and texture of stone to fit your needs.

Stone Benches

Stone Bench
Stone Benches are a timeless piece of landscpe elegance that can transform your landscape to from more of a looking point to stopping point. Natural stone benches can be cut from most all of the major types of stone we deal with and finished to your style. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote on your custom stone benches to finish off that park or lanscape project.


stone flooring
A&A Stone can source a variety of custom cut natural stone flooring tiles, pavers, and tumbled cobbles stones to complete any indoor or outdoor flooring designs. Natural stone flooring can the perfect way to add a touch warmth to your property. Contact one of our stone experts today to discuss your natural stone flooring needs.

Pool Coping

stone pool coping
Natural Stone Pool Coping can be the perfect finish to your poolscape and is suitable for most natural building stones or travertines. With numerous color options, finishes, sizes, and shapes available — the possibilities are endless. Please stop by and explore all the options for your pool project.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Outdoor Kitchen
We offer a unique spin on your outdoor kitchen by topping them with a natural polished stone instead of granite or other material. The most common selection is a type of sandstone that has beautiful swirls and colorations throughout; it is stunning when honed and polished.

Architect Specifications

At A&A Stone, we have many years of experience in custom order cutting to meet architectural specifications. The possibilities are endless with colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes. Let us help you realize your vision of your next project with the addition of a uniquely cut natural stone.